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Our decorative stucco column transforms a Cluster Box Unit (CBU) into an elegant mail center. This attractive, prefabricated column comes ready-to-install over a standard USPS approved CBU mailbox and pedestal. The column has an easy-to-handle styrofoam core with a Sandstone color painted exterior-grade stucco surface. Our foam core columns are durable, yet safer than traditional cinder block or steel stud columns. The foam core is designed to crumple and absorb impact energy during a collision. A double stucco coat is also available. This finish is typically used if you will not be applying a final stucco coat. The second layer of cement is thicker and stronger than the standard single coat and is better suited for high-traffic locations where there are greater chance of surface impacts.

Eastview stucco CBU Mailbox Center, TALL pedestal (column only)

Eastview stucco CBU Mailbox Center, TALL pedestal (column only)

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