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With our shutter hardware you have the option of mounting your shutters to be stationary or functional. If you choose to use functional hardware not only will you add a sophisticated appeal, but your shutters will be fully operable meaning that they can be left open, closed, or locked shut as you wish. The pintel mounts to the exterior of the window and attaches with the hinge, which is attached to the shutter before mounting. The amount of hardware required will depend on the size of the shutter.

Mounting Length:
• Order 2 pairs of hardware per pair of 47" shutters or less.
• Order 3 pairs of hardware per pair of 48" to 79" shutters.
• Order 4 pairs of hardware per pair of 80" shutter or more.

Hardware Features:
• The hardware is sold in pairs

• Architecturally correct for fully functional shutters

• Made with stainless steel 

• Black powder coat finish

• Easily installed and Mounted 

• Moisture resistant and designed to resist all elements

Strap Hinge 12" and Pintel (Pair)

Strap Hinge 12" and Pintel (Pair)

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